What’s going on with the UBIX project?

I’d like to take this opportunity to address what’s happened over the last couple of months. Before I do, I’d like to start off by saying a huge thank you to our community who’ve supported us throughout. Your support and loyalty is what has driven us to strive forward.

Over the last few years we’ve been developing our platform and services — looking for technical, economic and legal solutions to build a competitive self-sufficient ecosystem. We’ve achieved all of this with a small team and keeping within a very tight budget. There have been times where we’ve been forced to halt certain projects due to a lack of resources. Because of this we’ve developed many solutions with minimum functionality.

However two months ago we were overwhelmed by a typhoon of interest. This lead to a huge volume of operations. Failures began to show up and weak spots were identified which our whole team worked hard to address and fix. We began to expand our team, however new employees require training in order to maintain our systems. In addition to this, due to the increased price of the UBX token, the security requirements changed dramatically. We urgently began to move to a new server which was made even more difficult due to a storm. Although this process is not fully complete, we can safely say the majority of the work is done.

Now we are frantically rebuilding our team. In a very short space of time we’ve quickly evolved from a small startup to a fully-fledged company capable of managing many projects simultaneously. At present we are building a management system and actively seeking additional developers. At the same time, we are redeveloping critical elements of our system such as: the development of an Ethereum gateway, preparing a large number of updates for masternodes, re-designing the explorer and improving the UBIX wallet.

So, what’s in our immediate plans:

1. We will begin listings on our exchange (UBIX.exchange) starting with tokens of the exchange itself (UBXE) and SilentNotary tokens (UBSN);
2. Launch of the UBIX.Depository (UBCDR). A project with the addition of functions for issuing ERC20 crypto-depositary receipts for UBXE, UBCDR and UBSN tokens.
3. We will also be releasing updates to the UBIX.Network protocol, which include a number of upgrades to improve network stability. We will also update Explorer.ubix.network.
In addition to all the above, we are planning to make the first distribution of profits to holders of UBXE tokens (UBIX.Exchange).

These are just our immediate plans. We will be announcing much larger events later. We have very ambitious plans and it’s imperative that these plans are met with the resources required to make them possible. The most important thing we need now is the patience and faith of our community to help us complete this transformation.

Max Breus & UBIX.Network Team

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