UBX/SNTR (T10) swap is open!

Dear friends!

In connection with the upcoming launch of a new service for SilentNotary (this service will absorb SNTR T10 tokens), we are opening a swap for SilentNotary tokens issued on our UBIX.Network platform

As stated earlier, the swap ratio is 1 UBX = 20 SNTR.

Those who have already swapped SNTR-> UBX have priority, so please use the same addresses for transactions to which you received UBX during the swap.

For a swap, it will be enough to send UBX (native coins, the address of which starts with Ux ..) to the swap address: Uxce2df3800e170ce68a54354287d6749532700ec2
Use the Ubikiri universal interface to conduct a transaction

Swap period: 2 weeks (until January 24)
SNTR (T10 standard) distribution will begin after January 24th.
You will receive SNTR T10 tokens to the same address you sent UBX from.

Swap is optional!

Also, due to the fact that some of the SNTR token holders missed the swap, we provide an opportunity to exchange SNTR ERC-20 tokens for SNTR T10 tokens (1: 1 ratio). This swap will begin after January 24th.



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