UBIX Exchange Presale is closing

Feb 16, 2021

Dear friends!

UBIX Exchange tokens will be listed shortly. In this regard, we end the presale on February 18 at 12–00 GMT. Anyone who wanted to take part in the presale can still do it in the section Ubikiri.com -> Sandbox -> UBIX Exchange -> Participate

UBIX Exchange has grown and is leaving the sandbox!


Maximum supply: 2M UBXE

Current supply: 1M UBXE

Price: 1 UBXE = 0.00019 ETH (~ 0.33 USD)

Token use: weekly distribution of exchange profits among UBXE holders.

Standard: T10 standard token issued on UBIX.Network platform (you need UBX coins to pay tx fees — like ETH for gas in Ethereum)




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