UBIX Network (Coin Name: “UBX”) has released the brand new staking platform, Ubistake. UBIX Network is an open ecosystem designed to integrate decentralized applications into a cohesive whole.

The brand new, proprietary staking platform allows for users to stake, or in other words, lock-up their UBX in order to earn interest.

Ubistake platform is a Single Page Application using Angular technology, allowing for a seamless user experience. Furthermore, Ubistake has a sleek appearance, allows for easy navigation and is lightning fast.

The UBIX Network team spent months extensively developing and testing all of the Ubistake’s newest features, including:

• Portfolio and daily earnings revenue are converted to USD/ETH in real-time.

• There will be dedicated sections for both deposit and withdrawal functionalities.

• When withdrawing UBX, users will be able to track the status of their transaction (i.e. pending to confirmation).

• Introduction of a new calculator for staking rewards.

UBIX Network has further Ubistake enhancements planned for the near-term, including the addition of enhanced security measures (two-factor authentication) and the ability to export deposit / withdrawal information to Microsoft Excel.

UBIX Network is a directed acyclic graph (“DAG”) and blockchain hybrid designed to integrate blockchains of various types of consensus into a single P2P Network. Users can create own blockchains of various types (including private ones), used to service their business processes. At the same time, all created blockchains are in a single address space, in a common network, and can be integrated with each other without using any gateways. The protocol supports smart contracts (JavaScript) and various types of tokens. In addition to integration at the network level, the team is developing an interface that is a super-app built on a microservice architecture that allows various internal applications to be integrated with each other, providing users with a seamless use of various services.