UBIKIRI Application Update

April 04, 2022. The UBIX Network team has released their latest round of enhancements / upgrades to the heart and soul of the company’s network, UBIKIRI (Ubikiri.com). This UBIKIRI upgrade is widely seen as a major milestone for UBIX and for the use-case token UBSN-SilentNotary.

UBIKIRI is a super application interface built on microservices, and is used to exchange data between applications through the internal API. It consists of the dapps of the ecosystem, an online wallet, the UBIX exchange, a social business network, a launchpad and more.

The latest round of updates — released in April 2022 — consisted of quality of life improvements, UI updates, styling enhancements, and most important, the addition of a brand new swap function. The new swap function capabilities will allow users to conduct ERC-20 swaps to the UBIX Network’s native token (and vice versa).

The UBIX Network team is aiming to create a product that utilizes cross chain functionality, and also give users the flexibility to choose which chain they prefer to store their tokens on.

This latest round of updates was released in conjunction with the team’s commitment to their 2022 roadmap, as well as their community / user focus. The team is looking forward to delivering even more promising news in 2022 and continue with the momentum they have been building over the last few months.




Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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