UBI Long Term Payout Program

The provision of the UBIX.Network ecosystem with the necessary liquidity occurs due to the direct distribution of the Liquidity Fund among all holders of native UBX coins with a balance of more than 1 million UBX.

Distribution takes place automatically every day. To receive the payment, it is enough to have more than 1 million UBX on the UBIX network address.

The reasons for choosing this method of liquidity supply are described in this article: https://ubix-network.medium.com/choosing-a-method-for-providing-liquidity-to-the-crypto-economic-system-e733687f2372

The distribution is proportional to the balances of the wallets, the larger the amount, the greater the payout.

The following model was chosen for the distribution: for each distribution, 0.017% of the balance of the Liquidity Fund is paid. Thus, at the beginning of the UBI payment program, approximately 0.1% of the wallet balance is accrued (about 36% per year, excluding compound interest). This indicator will gradually change, after a year it will decrease to 0.068% (25%), after 2 years — to 0.05% (19%), and so on, but it will never become zero.

Below is a graph of the notional ROI, excluding compound interest:

At the same time, the Liquidity Fund will also gradually decline:

Thus, in 20 years the Fund will be reduced to 30% of the initial volume.

This distribution model makes it possible to more intensively supply the ecosystem with liquidity during a period of active growth, followed by a gradual decrease of the additional money supply to curb inflation.



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