The new contracted executive will work with global brands to engage audiences through unique global marketing and PR campaigns.

UBIX Network



His team is responsible for the tasks of combining marketing and communications functions, developing a strategy for productive promotion in digital channels, building a brand platform and bringing the network to a new level. Through this advertising partnership with the new Chief Marketing Officer, the UBSN / UBIX network is expanding to work with global brands to reach audiences through unique global marketing and PR campaigns.

UBIX. The network is a DAG / blockchain hybrid designed to integrate blockchains of various types of consensus into a single p2p network. Users can create their own blockchains of various types (including private ones), using them to service their business processes. At the same time, all created blockchains are in a single address space, in a common network and can be integrated with each other without using any gate. This Hybrid technology also allows holders to “stake” their holdings in order to receive daily returns.

UBSN AND UBIX NETWORK are facing ambitious goals. We are going to actively grow and attract new client partners. For this we need a bright, stable and recognizable brand. I am confident that the energy and creativity of Vadim Germanovich, who has in his considerable amount of experience as a business owner in the field of creative agencies as well digital marketing director, will become a valuable asset for the UBSN team, and will help to achieve our goals with optimal performance,” said Maxim Breus. CEO of UBSN AND UBIX NETWORK

According to Vadim, he was attracted by the ambitious goals and objectives of the company. UBSN AND UBIX NETWORK is currently bringing a very interesting product to the market. “I am glad to join the UBSN/UBIX team at such an important stage in the development of the company. At the moment, the priority for me is to bring a multi-functional marketing strategy to the company”, Comments Vadim himself.




Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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