Rewarding Early Supporters- A Company Policy of Mutual Growth.

“The best way to say thank you is to pay the bill.” I will forever remember this statement by Ayn Rand. Yesterday the UBIX Network gladly made payments, returning roughly 10 times to those who supported one of our projects. This is not a one-time payment — it’s just the amount of commissions received over several months of the project’s work. Now these wallets will be replenished regularly. These guys don’t know about it yet, so we decided to explain a little about our brand building values, which we are basing our entire ecosystem on.

1. Honest amounts. We attract only those funds that are necessary for development. If only 5k is needed to start a project (like Ubistake), then we only seek out the 5k. If we need 20k to start the exchange (Ubix.Exchange) , then again,we would only seek 20k to get that project off the ground.

2. Each line of code is a project that generates income for our community. We try to build our entire project as an ecosystem of mutually complementary projects, each of which brings income to those members of our community who supported its development by purchasing tokens of this project.

3. All projects must issue tokens traded on our exchange so that anyone can buy or sell tokens at any time.

Now we are pleased to thank those who supported the Ubistake project (, which allows you to stake UBX coins without launching your own masternodes.

Ubistake quickly gained popularity. This allowed us, after just a few months of full-fledged work, to pay all token holders 10 times more than was collected for the start of the project.

As you may have seen based on our recent news releases, our latest network token UBSN has recently been listed on Coinmarketcap. While it’s popularity is still in its infancy we anticipate that we will offer a similar mechanism to holders and supporters of the UBSN token, which in turn will greatly reward early participants. UBSN itself is poised to be positioned as a legitimate use case for the Construction, Real Estate, and Legal services through the UBX.Network.

Thank you, our friends, supporters and teammates, I am sure this is just the beginning.




Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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