UBIX Network January 19th AMA with Max Breus

  • A revolutionary partnership was announced between SilentNotary and Langia–otherwise referred to as the “Metaverse of Language Services.” Langia–a Canadian-based Translation Platform–is the most advanced certified translation and interpretation platform powered by ai word count for instant quoting and seamless project assignment system. The company works with over 12,000 certified and professional translators and interpreters fluent in 176 languages.
  • Future partnership announcements were discussed.
  • The announcement of bi-weekly AMA’s.
  • A brand new 2022 UBIX Network Roadmap was released. The full-length Roadmap can be found here: https://t.co/9mJxkthAMQ.
  • A technical / detailed UBIX Network Whitepaper was released. The latest Whitepaper can be found here: https://t.co/VEmcZSjmPd
  • The UBIX Network’s / SilentNotary’s progress and future goals were discussed in 3 major categories:
  1. The Development of our Network (The UBIX Network Protocol)
  2. The Development of our Super App — Ubikiri
  3. The Development of our Services




Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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