KuCoin Safeguard Program & SilentNotary:
250% bonus, KuCoin customer protection, migration to own platform.

2 min readOct 2, 2020

Thanks to joint work within the framework of the KuCoin Safeguard program, we have come to a revolutionary solution for our project.

We decided not only to re-issue SNTR tokens, but at the same time to implement a long-planned migration to our own UBIX.network protocol.

At the same time, thanks to the support from KuCoin, we were able to make an unprecedented swap of SNTR tokens for the UBX cryptocurrency of the UBIX.Network parent platform with a premium of 250% at the comparable cost of SNTR and UBX. Thus, all holders of SNTR tokens will receive UBX coins worth 2.5 times their value at the time of the incident.

This could not have been achieved without close cooperation with the KuCoin team, for which we express our deep gratitude to our partners.

Technical details:

· For every 20 SNTR tokens, 1 UBX coin will be credited.

· For KuCoin account holders, the swap will be performed automatically.

· For the period of technical integration (up to 3 months), the ERC-20 analog of UBX cryptocurrency will be used. The exchange of ERC-20 for the original cryptocurrency will be implemented in the UBIKIRI interface in the coming days.

· All other SNTR holders need to withdraw tokens from smart contracts (such as Uniswap) and wait until they will also receive UBX. It is also advisable to withdraw tokens from exchange accounts (excluding KuCoin), since negotiations with other exchanges may take some time.

· The SNTR project continues to develop on the UBIX platform, and everyone will be able to swap UBX for SNTR tokens of the UBIX T-10 standard in the UBIKIRI interface within 1 month.




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