I’d like to take this opportunity to address what’s happened over the last couple of months. Before I do, I’d like to start off by saying a huge thank you to our community who’ve supported us throughout. Your support and loyalty is what has driven us to strive forward.

Over the last few years we’ve been developing our platform and services — looking for technical, economic and legal solutions to build a competitive self-sufficient ecosystem. We’ve achieved all of this with a small team and keeping within a very tight budget. There have been times where we’ve been forced to…

We are glad to present you with a new workgroup, created by existing and new team members to develop the MakeMeMoney project.

Team Leader — Nikolay Chekholyants.
Business Development, Customer Relations — Dmitry Krasniakov.
Software Developer, User Support — Alexey Kazurov.
Design — Pavel Dzysko.

MakeMeMoney is the staking service of Ubikiri. With UBXM (token of MakeMeMoney project) users can stake with the press of a button, yet it will offer enhanced protection to the funds of the user.

By creating this group, we also illustrate our approach to the development of internal projects without losing focus on the development of the main project.

The next step is a dozen well-developed concepts that are waiting for their teams to be implemented!

The provision of the UBIX.Network ecosystem with the necessary liquidity occurs due to the direct distribution of the Liquidity Fund among all holders of native UBX coins with a balance of more than 1 million UBX.

Distribution takes place automatically every day. To receive the payment, it is enough to have more than 1 million UBX on the UBIX network address.

The reasons for choosing this method of liquidity supply are described in this article: https://ubix-network.medium.com/choosing-a-method-for-providing-liquidity-to-the-crypto-economic-system-e733687f2372

The distribution is proportional to the balances of the wallets, the larger the amount, the greater the payout.

The following model was chosen for…

Dear friends!

UBIX Exchange tokens will be listed shortly. In this regard, we end the presale on February 18 at 12–00 GMT. Anyone who wanted to take part in the presale can still do it in the section Ubikiri.com -> Sandbox -> UBIX Exchange -> Participate

UBIX Exchange has grown and is leaving the sandbox!


Maximum supply: 2M UBXE

Current supply: 1M UBXE

Price: 1 UBXE = 0.00019 ETH (~ 0.33 USD)

Token use: weekly distribution of exchange profits among UBXE holders.

Standard: T10 standard token issued on UBIX.Network platform (you need UBX coins to pay tx fees — like ETH for gas in Ethereum)

From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to the regulation of the money supply in our UBIX.Network platform. This system was supposed to solve the following tasks:

1. Providing liquidity to the entire system to enable economic agents to carry out monetary transactions.

2. Controlling inflation, finding the optimal ratio of the volume of the economy and the money supply.

3. Management of transaction costs by smoothing the peaks of growth in the value of the currency.

Due to the fact that the general economic theory (and the corresponding algorithms) had not been developed at the time of…

Dear friends!

In connection with the upcoming launch of a new service for SilentNotary (this service will absorb SNTR T10 tokens), we are opening a swap for SilentNotary tokens issued on our UBIX.Network platform

As stated earlier, the swap ratio is 1 UBX = 20 SNTR.

Those who have already swapped SNTR-> UBX have priority, so please use the same addresses for transactions to which you received UBX during the swap.

For a swap, it will be enough to send UBX (native coins, the address of which starts with Ux ..) …

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Acceleration Group, the leader in BIM technologies and manager of complex construction projects.

As a clear endorsement of the partnership, UBIX.Network and Acceleration Group agreed on the creation of a joint blockchain laboratory. By doing so the two companies introduce blockchain technology into the international construction industry.

“Through our partnership with Acceleration we believe we are offering unique and true value to Acceleration and their clients and to the international construction industry as a whole” — says Max Breus, co-founder of UBIX.Network

The upcoming blockchain lab will integrate UBIX.Network technologies into…

Construction is one of the most capital-intensive industries in the world economy, with an incredible $ 13 trillion/year market volume. At the same time, it is one of the most conservative industries currently undergoing a period of digital transformation. The digitization of business processes in construction, the introduction of digital models, opens up opportunities for using blockchain technologies to organize the interaction of project participants — solving the problem of trust, for which, in fact, UBIX platform was developed.

In the process of coordinating joint work with the first industry partners, we managed to create a universal concept, which we…

Thanks to joint work within the framework of the KuCoin Safeguard program, we have come to a revolutionary solution for our project.

We decided not only to re-issue SNTR tokens, but at the same time to implement a long-planned migration to our own UBIX.network protocol.

At the same time, thanks to the support from KuCoin, we were able to make an unprecedented swap of SNTR tokens for the UBX cryptocurrency of the UBIX.Network parent platform with a premium of 250% at the comparable cost of SNTR and UBX. Thus, all holders of SNTR tokens will receive UBX coins worth 2.5…

(Using the DeFi interface of the UBIX Exchange of https://ubix.network/ to manage price differences)

Liquidity pools, constant product curves, price impact — these new constants require not only understanding, but also routine operation.

The main problem faced by the user is the lack of an intuitive understanding of price changes when making transactions with liquidity pools.

The problem lies in the non-linear dependence of the price on the volume of the transaction. …


Ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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